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New Ideas for an Array of Fields

picture of Automotive

Examples of applications

  • Automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts

picture of Factory

Examples of applications

  • NOx removal catalysts

  • Petroleum refining catalysts

  • Reforming/shift/partial oxidation catalysts

picture of Housewares cutting tools

Examples of applications

  • Housewares cutting tools (kitchen knives, scissors)

  • Industrial cutting tools (paper processing machinery, textile machinery)

  • Mechanical seals

  • Bearings

  • Grinding media

  • Ferrules

picture of Dental

Examples of applications

  • Artificial teeth

picture of Circuit board

Examples of applications

  • Capacitors

  • Piezoelectric elements

  • Oxygen sensors for iron manufacturing

  • High-frequency devices

  • Ceramic substrates

  • Ceramic housings

  • Lithium ion batteries

picture of furnace

Examples of applications

  • Continuous casting nozzles

  • Setters for firing electronic components

  • Crucibles for melting special metals

  • Automobile brake pads

  • Automobile spark plugs

picture of Fuel cells

Examples of applications

  • Large-scale power generation systems

  • Distributed power generation systems

  • Commercial cogeneration systems

  • Private cogeneration systems

  • Automobile oxygen sensors

picture of steam turbine

Examples of applications

  • Paints

  • Adhesives

  • Lens coatings

  • Paper coatings

  • Pigments for ceramics

  • Automobile metal surface treatment agents

picture of cooling unit

Examples of applications

  • Aluminum brazing

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